Welcome on the website 'Hulp aan Malawi'

(Helping Malawi)

Malawi is known as one of the most friendly and most safe countries of Africa. That's why it is called 'the warm heart of Africa'. But next to it Malawi is one of the poorest countries of the world, where more than 65% of the inhabitants live below poverty level. During the long dry season from April to November crops can hardly be grown. Outside the big towns electricity and running water are an exception. On this website you find information about the project 'Hulp aan Malawi' (Helping Malawi). The aim of this project is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the community Kakwale in the Kasungu district - and later on perhaps also of other communities in this district.

In March 2012, we (Jan Meijering and Nico van Basten) established the foundation 'Hulp aan Malawi' (Helping Malawi). The targets of the foundation are mentioned in the statutes.

With the relief to Malawi we have the following items on mind.
1. Increase the production of food by improvement of the irrigation
2. Pressing oil from seeds and nuts using special oil presses
3. Reducing wood cutting by women through the use of small stoves
4. In house electricity making use of solar energy

We concentrate first on increasing food production.

From 27 April to 11 May 2012, we have been in Malawi to start and introduce the project at the people of Kakwale.
Click here to see a photo report of the trip.

Since December 2013, we also support a food production project at an orphanage in Mtunthama.

The projects of our foundation in Malawi are supervised by Siyani Kondowe and several other Malawian experts in the field of agricultural, irrigation and education.
In the first half of April 2014 we go to Malawi again to see the state of affairs of our projects and to make improvements where necessary and to start new subprojects if possible.

Comments on the contents of this website are welcome at info@hulpaanmalawi.nl. You can also post comments in the guestbook.

Jan Meijering / Nico van Basten
February 2014