New irrigation projects / training home based care finished

New irrigation projects / training home based care finished
- November 5, 2019 - In the past (3rd) week we traveled north for a few days. To be as effective as possible, we have split the tasks. Jan went to Pwezi to talk to our man Peter Chihana to start agricultural demonstration projects; in the dry season we want to grow organic crops with a high nutritional value such as soya and millet through irrigation, in combination with raising chickens for manure and eggs.

Now people mainly eat maize in Malawi and that is mainly a stomach filler. Extra harvest, so more food security and thereby more resistance and less disease due to healthy food. The project is being worked out in more detail. We also visited the Matunkha Health and Education Center in Rumphi. Marleen and Annette went out with the Dutch nurse Ineke to experience in the field how home care is performed there. Very educational! The course we organized for the nurses for home care around Kakwale and Kaluluma was very successful and the certificates were festively awarded on Friday. In order to get the delayed container with medical and dental equipment to Malawi as quickly as possible, Jan went to Kasungu to try to expedite the matter with some high-ranking officers and the officer. We get a little further every week.

Deze velden willen we gaan inzetten als irrigatie demonstratieproject gezonde voeding.

Kippenfok proefproject in Rumphi     

Jan Meijering met de village chief in Pwezi en onze man Peter Chihana

Afgelegen hutjes bezoeken voor thuiszorg   

Op huisbezoek bij een patiënt met Ineke van Matunkha     

Uitreiking van het certificaat palliative home based care aan de nurse van onze Kakwale Health Clinic        

De Health Surveillant Assistents in Kakwale hebben de training afgelopen zaterdag afgerond      

Afspraken gemaakt in Kasungu met het member of parliament Kasungu East, Hon Kazumbo en de agent Aleck Mwale die de import van de container verzorgt