Completion clinic in sight

Completion clinic in sight
- November 2016 - After the departure of the World Servants group in August 2016, the professionals and local residents have continued to phase out the health clique. The Stichting Hulp aan Malawi sees it as its task to monitor the completion of the construction process in the coming period, among other things through contacts with World Servants/CCAP and its own employees on site.


Our local employee Joop van Delden, who lives in Mzuzu, has now been to Kakwale four times to review progress and discuss how to keep things going.

All the walls in the clinic have now been plastered and the floors and doors have been installed. They are now working on ceilings and electricity. Outside, the water tower has been completed, but the water source still poses problems.


Staff residence

In August, the World Servants group helped with the start of the construction of the third staff residence. The foundation has been laid and the walls have been bricked up to approximately 50 cm above ground level. Unfortunately, not much has happened with the staff residence after our departure. It was decided to first completely finish the clinic and then continue with the staff accommodation.
More pictures of the clinic and the staff house in the photo report below.

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