Week 4 of project trip

Week 4 of project trip
- 19 November 2019 - We started the 4th week in Malawi informing the village chiefs about the progress of the home care project in Kakwale. It is very important to involve the leaders in all developments here. They were very grateful that the very vulnerable are now also being helped.

This week Marleen and Annette went into the remote areas for the first time to put into practice with them everything the nurses, assistants and volunteers have learned in the courses. Very educational for all and a warm welcome to the patients. Went to the clinic in Kaluluma to start the training for home care there too. Here 50 employees and volunteers are trained in home care. In between, the three of us went to the District Health Officer to finalize and sign the agreement between our Foundation and the Kasungu District Hospital regarding home care. Arranging the transport of the nurse to the remote home care addresses was still a sensitive issue. We have provided two mopeds. Jan went to the District Commissioner (a kind of King's Commissioner) in Kasungu this week to report on the good progress of the projects. Then with the MP (MP) for Kasungu North district to the Ministry of Health in Lilongwe to speak to the minister. The minister welcomed us warmly and made the necessary promises. He will even come to the clinic in Kakwale on November 25. We are quite proud of that. The container with medical and dental equipment arrived in Mozambique on Friday 8 November and must be sent to Malawi asap. We are in constant contact with the agent in Lilongwe, but it always takes longer than you want here. However, time is running out to be able to deliver and install everything on time. Two mechanics are ready to fly in in the Netherlands to install the goods. Peter Chihana our man from the north of Malawi has provided a report and budget for an irrigation/health food project, as discussed earlier with Jan. Saturday afternoon the three of us then left for Lake Malawi and a Wildlife resort for three full days of relaxation. We were very ready for that.

Overleg met de village chiefs

Thuiszorg in afgelegen arme gebieden

De verpleegkundige van Kakwale die bij iemand thuis een prikpil plaatst

Wegen van de kinderen in de kliniek

Jan met de District Commissionair van Kasungu North

Parlementslid Mike Bango 

Op bezoek bij de minister